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This idea of the radio station came to a freshman student named Aivar Lukman Surji studying ELT while she was in the car listening to the radio. The next day she discussed this idea with head of ELT department. She gathered nine more friends all from the same department including one old participant from previous club opening attempts. Next step they reached a professor who was previously founder of the radio club is now the radio director Dr. Numan Kanar. The devices and equipment that is currently being used are from the first attempt in 2012 as Ishik Campus Radio. In those years it was covering only the campus area on 60 meter street. The room next to library manager was used as the place to go on air for students. Because of this reason it was named Libradio. The listeners and participants for the radio club were limited in those years. Because of this reason it couldn’t continue and emerged back in the new campus again this (2016) summer.

Now the radio is back on air and stronger than ever. Our aim is to provide music and entertainment to the students of Ishik University and hopefully we expanded. Now we are online by 2017 Spring.

Listen to us on 99.9 Ishik Radio (on campus only) or visit us on or download app.


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